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Les Beehive – W Magazine’s Best Performances of 2013 by Juergen Teller



Happy Earth Day! Make your profile picture one of our magical Earth Day 2014 patches and spread the love of used books far and wide!

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Annemarieke van Drimmelen

mariacarla boscono at dsquared² spring 2004

Irina Shipunova by Joseph Paradiso + Yuki

Richard Avedon first photographed Gabriel García Márquez on a rainy day in 1976, but he felt that the portrait was a failure. Avedon finally had another chance to photograph the writer in 2004. This is the portrait that emerged from that second session:

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Postcard: Botanical Building, Balboa Park, San Diego, Calif., date unknown
From the Southwest Postcard Collection

Marine Vacth by Juergen Teller for Interview Germany


Celebrating all the iconic looks Beyonce’s ‘B’Day Anthology Video Album gave us #blessed

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Jon Wyatt


Miniature Monday!

This week we are taking pocket dictionaries to a whole new level with these mini dictionaries from Leipzig.  These four functional little volumes were printed by C.G Röder probably sometime in the 20th century, and include translations from German to Latin, English to German, Spanish to German, and German to English.  Imagine—all that language in the palm of your hand!

Miniatur Wörterbuch (four volumes). C.G Röder (1,2,10) and M. Kötzel (5), Leipzig.  20th century.  Charlotte Smith Uncatalogued Miniatures.

-Laura H.

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